Pain in the Neck!

I try to set up my computer ergonomically. But sometimes, when I’m working intently on a project, I forget to get up and take a break and move around. The result is a spasm in my neck that generally happens overnight – after a good night’s sleep. My head ends up in a locked position and attempting to move it sends stabbing pains down my shoulder and arm. I’m just lucky that I found Bowen Therapy. This non-invasive therapy works every time! It usually works instantly, but sometimes the first session just helps dramatically and the second session is required to completely eliminate the stiffness.

I put together this binder of great links on Bowen Therapy for my neighbor who suffers from chronic back pain. These websites explain the treatment far better than I ever could. Click on the binder below for a great overview of this amazing treatment, personal success stories (including my own), and listings of practitioners.

One thought on “Pain in the Neck!

  1. Working daily with clients experiencing neck pain, I always ask about their work habits; how their screen is aligned and frequent they take micro brakes.
    A great deal of improvement can be achieved by just addressing these two points.

    Hopefully more people will take notice of little things that they can do for themselves.

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