Updated our FAQ page and other hidden gems

Bookmark to a binder

Updated our FAQ page to include some of the new features and videos that we’ve added to the website. Among those is the ability to build a livebinder while you browse the web – using our ‘LiveBinder it’ bookmarklet. Essentially, you create a link on the tool bar of your browser – like this one below:

LiveBinder bookmarklet

Then when you are browsing the web and see something you want to add to an existing binder or to a new binder, you can click on that link. It will then trigger the log-in page (if you’re not logged in already) and then add it to your binder. It’s much quicker this way and allows you to create binders on the fly.

Video how tos

The other things that were added was a couple of videos that show you how to install the LiveBinder bookmarklet on IE 6 and 7, Firefox 1.5 and up, and Safari 3.0.4 – Firefox and Safari are really easy to install -just drag it up to the tool bar and that’s it. IE requires a right-mouse click, but is not that much harder.

‘My Content’ or ‘My Binder Content’

Almost forgot about another feature you might not realize exists. LiveBinders keeps track of all of the links you have inserted into your binders. If you want to re-use them in another binder you just have to call up the ‘My Content’ search in the editor.

To do that open your binder in the editor, then go to the tool bar and open ‘insert’>>’my binder content’ or ‘my content.’ The default has you searching for ‘ALL’ (case sensitive until we fix bug…) or you can search for a file by description or file name. FYI, when you select ‘ALL’ it will sort the latest links at the top.

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