New LiveBinders Release

We just put up a new LiveBinders release. Here are some of the fun things we have added:

  1. New ‘LiveBinder It’ – we are trying to make it as easy as possible to add to binders while you browse. If you are already using ‘LiveBinder It’, please delete that button and add a new one from this page:
    If your not using ‘LiveBinder It’ yet, why not? We would love to know.
  2. New search options – You can now search for binders that are exclusively yours. You can also search by author if you find an author that you like. Search is available the top of every LiveBinders shelf page:
  3. Embed in Details – Ever wonder how we put those binders in our blog? From the home page, click on the ‘options’ button under the binder. Then click on ‘details’. There is now an html link as well as the embed code so that the binder can be embedded in blogs and on web pages.

As always, we love to hear what you think of LiveBinders, so email us at or write to us here.

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