The Wrong Dog?

The humane societies are full of pit bulls and pit bull crosses available for adoption. So when we went looking for a dog, I thought it was important to consider these often looked-over animals. I’ve had a wide variety of dogs over the years, but the best one by far was a corgi/rottweiler cross from the humane society. So when we saw Toah, a corgi/pit bull cross we thought we would give him a home.

This was a mistake. Don”t get me wrong – Toah is a good dog – well trained, loves the kids, loves a good car ride, behaves well on his walks, and he doesn’t chew or dig. But he was not socialized young, is afraid of strangers, and is naturally an aggressive dog.

When you have an aggressive dog, training is imperative. You must be extremely disciplined and keep your dog in line constantly. As a result, it is a lot of work for someone who is lazy like me.

I believe this is where pit bulls get a bad name. You can be lazy with a tiny dog and let it yap and even nip and people will just think it is obnoxious. But you can’t be lazy with an animal that has been bred to do harm.

I was lucky enough to have a good friend who is a dog trainer who trained me to train Toah. There are also some great dog training resources on the web that I keep in this binder. You can make a copy of this binder for yourself and add to it or delete the ones you don’t like.

Dog Training

One Response to The Wrong Dog?

  1. Your right. Training is so important, especially for dogs who may be potentially aggressive.

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